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Alexandria Bay


Hi, I’m Alexandria!  Fun fact, my name means helper of mankind, and I can sing the alphabet backwards!  Oh, and I’m obsessed with all things Young Living and so excited to share a bit about why!


I have my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Acting, and am currently back at school pursuing my Masters in Psychology. I have dreams of becoming a counsellor and helping more people overcome the battle and stigma of mental health. I’m a huge advocate for health and sustainable living, which Young Living supports both! I was a skeptic about oils at first, mainly because all of the oils that I purchased before I knew about Young Living were only for the smell, not the quality, so they never worked. However, when I switched over to Young Living I noticed the difference instantly. I was sleeping better, my face was clearing up, my mood felt more balanced and calm. I then started looking into the science of the oils and how they work. I’m impressed with Young Living and their open records, time to educate, and the care that they put into each product. I know exactly what I’m getting in each bottle, which makes me feel great and secure in what I’m putting on, in, and around my body. I started using their other products like their face wash, toothpaste, and am slowly making the shift to turn my home into a non-toxic living environment.


Among my dream of being a counsellor and creating an atmosphere for healing, I strongly desire to have a family of my own one day. I know when I do have my family I will want to know exactly what my child is around, and how to support their health in natural ways. I’m making this shift to non-toxic living for myself but also for my future family. Change starts now, and I’m so excited for this next step!


I’m so excited to welcome you into our community! Feel free to reach out anytime. 



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