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Chantale Fieldhouse

Senior Star

Hello! I am Chantale Fieldhouse! I am the mama of 2 amazing girls, Adelaide & Briar! They are growing up way too fast and are becoming independent, strong willed little women! My husband, David, and I are Canadian. We moved to the USA for his job in 2013. The girls are dual citizens. I love gardening, running (when I can), and going on adventures with the girls. I love tackling a good DIY product either on our home or in the kitchen!  I am also a member of the Parks and Rec commission for our local town, giving the voice for young families. 


We started our Young Living journey in 2016 when my youngest wasn't sleeping through the night. She was over a year old and I was so sleep deprived and desperate! We diffused Lavender in her room that first night and she slept! We were hooked! I didn't realize that I needed these oils for so much more. I was struggling with anxiousness as a Stay at home Mom and having 2 kids under 2 years of age. The girls were sick all the time and were even being hospitalized with RSV. These oils have changed our families lives for the better, we have never been happier and healthier, and in addition, we are part of this amazing community that I didn't know I would be getting!

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