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Dawn Armstrong

Silver Leader

Hi! I'm Dawn! I'm a Mom to two wonderful children, and a Mom-Mom to three amazing grandchildren. I spend my days doing something that fills my heart - serving. I take care of children in my licensed home day care, I am a rescue/foster mom for abandoned cats and kittens, and I share with the world how Young Living essential oils have improved my life!


Not long ago, I suffered from frequent debilitating migraines on a regular basis. After years of taking some horrific medications, with little or no result other than the horrible side effects, I decided to try Young Living. Within weeks there was a drastic difference! Within a few months, there was NO denying it. A few years later now, and I am never, ever looking back.


I am so thankful for the better quality of life that I have found with Young Living. Not just for migraines, not just with oils, but with the whole lifestyle. The supplements and other products are just as fantastic! Young Living's Seed to Seal promise is not to be compared to. It makes me love them even more that they truly care about the products that they give us.


Sharing about Young Living and helping others understand that there are different options available to better their health fills my heart to the brim. I would love nothing more than to help you improve your quality of life!

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