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Donielle Rader

Executive Leader

Hello! My name is Donielle! I’m an Accountant that loves smoothies, DIY crafts, at home work outs, and essential oil infused everything! My husband and I live in Pennsylvania with our fur kids. We have a Goldendoodle named Copper and a cat, Nickels. We also have aquariums totaling over 200 gallons. I guess you could call us fish enthusiasts! My husband and I are college sweethearts from Penn State and are usually working on home-improvement projects together, traveling, or playing card/board games.


We suffered from a long list of issues - aches, seasonal change issues, anxiousness, not sleeping well, and severe head tension, just to name a few! Thankfully, I was introduced to Young Living in 2019 and now we can support our bodies using nature without having to worry about any side effects!


In 2020 my husband and I had the incredible opportunity to visit Young Living’s Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Reforestation Project! It was one of the most amazing trips we’ve ever taken together and completely assured my belief in this company. Young Living has a beautiful mission and truly cares about the world’s wellness. While we were there, we were even able to plant our very own Sandalwood tree! Once our tree begins to die, it will be harvested, distilled, and bottled for future generations to enjoy!


I have been blessed by this company and community since the beginning and am passionate about helping people live a healthier lifestyle affordably!

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