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Sometimes I question how Moms do Motherhood without oils. It probably sounds like I'm joking, but I'm serious! I think back to my pre-oil days when I had my two babies and I think how different life was. I only wish I had found oils sooner! I would've avoided a lot of sleepless nights, anxiousness, and a whole lot of visits and calls to our Doctor! Oils make Motherhood a whole lot easier, and I want to share with you our most common used oils for our babies!

But first, let's talk about some FAQs for using oils with children!


Is it safe to use oils on my children?

Friends, let's chat for a minute. Momma to Momma. 

Over the years of our family using oils, I've had people come to me and say "I heard from a friend that eucalyptus will give my child respiratory issues." or "I read on a website that an aromatherapist said that oils shouldn't be used on kids under the age of 10!" *Insert eyeroll.* 

Now, I am a BIG researcher, and I take my children's health and safety VERY seriously. Probably more seriously than I take anything else in this world. I've researched these claims and beyond. I always encourage everyone to do their own research on everything, and this is one of those things. If you research eucalyptus oil giving a child breathing issues, do you know what you'll find? You'll find ONE single case where a Mom bought a cheap, synthetic (NOT real, pure essential oil!) bottle of eucalyptus and peppermint blended together, let her child ingest the ENTIRE bottle, the child had bronchial spasms, went to the emergency room, and then was fine. 

Does this mean that eucalyptus oil isn't safe for children? Absolutely not. This means that someone bought a synthetic, chemical oil, used it irresponsibly, and there were consequences. Everything in this world is not safe when used incorrectly. You can even drown in water! If oils (plants! Let's remember... they're plants!) were so dangerous, you would be seeing children left and right having issues and maybe a few deaths sprinkled in that oils caused. Guess how many people have died from using essential oils? Zero. Zilch. None. Not one single person. Ever. 


Oils are safe for babies and children when you are using good quality essential oil (Young Living!) and when you simply use common sense. We need to stop worrying about things like plants being dangerous for our children, and instead worry about things like the chemicals in the food we're eating and the products that we are using! I've used oils safely on my children from the day of birth, and I'll continue to do so!


Dilution guidelines

One thing that you should do when applying oils to children is dilute them with a carrier oil. A carrier oil is an oil like coconut oil, almond oil, or jojoba oil. The purpose of this is because children typically have more sensitive skin than adults. Young Living oils are pure and potent, so we just want to dilute them for children so that they can absorb into their skin slower!

Below are some guidelines for diluting oils for children!

Newborn - 6 months old

1 drop of essential to 15 drops of carrier oil

6 months old - 1 year old

1 drop of essential oil to 10 drops of carrier oil

1 year old - 2 years old

1 drop of essential oil to 6 drops of carrier oil

2 years old - 5 years old

1 drop of essential oil to 4 drops of carrier oil

5 years old - 10 years old

1 drop of essential oil to 2 drops of carrier oil


For "hot" oils such as Thieves, Peppermint, Panaway, Cinnamon, Clove, Deep Relief, Eucalyptus, R.C., and Raven, you'll want to use extra dilution for kids and adults!


KidScents + Seedlings oils

One of my favorite things that Young Living has is

pre-diluted oils for kids called the KidScents oils! You can use them straight out of the bottle without any dilution. They are ready to go! 

SLEEPYIZE // For a good night's sleep!

+ Diffuse 6 drops.

+ Rub a drop down the spine and a swipe across the forehead.


TUMMYGIZE // For tummy issue relief!

+ Rub a drop directly on the tummy.

SNIFFLEASE // For occasional sniffles!

+ Diffuse 6 drops. 

+ Rub a drop on the chest.

+ Mix 10 drops with 1/4 cup of coconut oil to make a natural vapor rub. 


GENEYUS // To help focus!

+ Diffuse 6 drops.

+ Rub a drop on the brainstem. 


OWIE // For little boo-boos!

+ Rub a drop on little bumps and bruises!


SEEDLINGS CALM // For fussy babies!

+ Diffuse 6 drops.

+ Rub a drop on the feet. 


Diffuser recipes


4 Sleepyize + 2 Lavender

Energy and Focus

4 Geneyus + 2 Peppermint

Calm and Focus

2 Lavender + 2 Cedarwood + 2 Vetiver

Tantrum Tamer

4 Surrender + 2 White Angelica

Peace & Calm

4 Peace & Calming + 2 Orange

Immune Boost

3 Thieves + 3 Lemon

Sniffles Be Gone

4 Snifflease + 2 Raven


Roller recipes

All of these recipes are for a 10ml roller bottle! Add the oils listed, fill the rest of the bottle with carrier oil, shake, and roll the oil where it says under the recipe!


10 Sleepyize + 10 Lavender

Roll on brainstem

Energy and Focused

15 Geneyus + 5 Peppermint

Roll on brainstem

Calm and Focused

10 Lavender + 10 Vetiver + 10 Cedarwood

Roll on brainstem


10 Joy + 10 Orange + 5 Inner Child

Roll on wrists and behind ears

Tantrum Tamer

10 Surrender + 10 White Angelica

Roll on wrists, behind ears, and inhale from wrists

Achy Ear

10 Lavender + 10 Roman Chamomile + 5 Purification

Roll around outside of ear

Itchies Away

10 Melrose + 10 Lavender

Roll on skin where needed

Immune Support

5 Thieves + 5 Lemon + 5 Frankincense + 3 Oregano

Roll on bottom of feet and down spine

Goopy Eyes Away

10 Lavender + 10 Purification

Roll on the skin around and under eyes

Sniffles Be Gone

15 Snifflease + 3 Raven

Roll on chest

Tummy feel better

15 Tummygize + 5 Digize

Roll on tummy

Cool down

10 Peppermint + 10 Lime

Roll on bottom of feet and down spine

Boo Boo Better

15 Owie + 5 Frankincense + 5 Helichrysum

Roll on skin where needed


Other recipes

Sleepy Spray

In a 2 oz. bottle, put 10 drops of a sleepy oil of your choice, and then fill the rest with witch hazel or water. Shake and spray on your children's pillows and sheets before bed!

Boo-boo Spray

In a 2 oz. bottle, put 5 drops of Owie oil + 5 drops of Frankincense oil, and then fill the rest with witch hazel. Shake and spray on a boo-boo when needed!

Aromatherapy Playdough

In a sauce pan combine 1 cup of all purpose flour, 1/2 cup of salt, and 2 teaspoons cream of tartar. Add in 1 cup of water, 1 1/2 tablespoons of cooking oil, and food coloring. Turn the heat on to medium-low, and stir until the mixture forms into a ball., Once the mixture has reached play dough consistency, remove it from the heat and allow it to cool for 4 minutes. Knead in 6-8 drops of an essential oil of your choice! Stress Away, Lavender, or Peace & Calming are all favorites to use in our house!

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