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I think that there's a common misconception out there that oils are a "feminine" thing, when in reality oils are just a healthy thing for the whole family!

I recruited my husband for this one and had him share some of his favorite "manly" oils and recipes below!


The "manly" oils


+ Use as a cologne

+ Rub 1 drop on the back of your neck to attract your lady (pheromones are a powerful thing!)


+ Rub 1 drop topically on the bottom of your feet to support healthy male hormones and prostate health.


+ Rub 1 drop topically anywhere that you want to increase circulation to... I'll just let you use your imagination with that one. (Yes, this is a bedroom oil for men. Yes, it is named Goldenrod.)

Black Pepper

+ Rub 1 drop topically on your belly to relieve gas.

+ Soak toothpicks in Black Pepper oil to make "quit sticks" to help you break addictions. 

Idaho Blue Spruce

+ Drop 1 drop on the crown of your head to raise your frequency. (Plus, it smells like a forest!)

+ Rub 1 drop topically on the lower abdomen to raise and increase male energy. 

Northern Lights Black Spruce

+ Diffuse for a good night's sleep


+ Rub 1 drop topically on your chest to support your respiratory system. 


+ Rub 1 drop topically on your face daily to keep It clear and smooth.

Evergreen Essence

+ Diffuse to make the room smell like the woods.


+ Rub 1 drop topically on achy muscles and joints.


+ Rub 1 drop topically on the back of your neck for a good night's sleep. 

+ Use it in your shampoo or make.a beard oil to help along your hair and beard growth.


+ Rub 1 drop topically on your chest before a workout. 


+ Rub 1 drop on a closed wound to encourage healing.



+ Use as a natural deodorant. . 


Roller recipes

All of these recipes are for a 10ml roller bottle! Add the oils listed, fill the rest of the bottle with carrier oil, shake, and roll the oil where it says under the recipe!

Sexy time

15 Goldenrod + 15 Idaho Blue Spruce

Roll on lower abdomen


15 Pine + 15 Raven

Roll on chest


15 Vetiver + 15 Stress Away + 15 Patchouli

Roll on brainstem and wrists

Achy muscles

10 Panaway + 10 Copaiba + 10 Peppermint

Roll directly on muscles

Healthy prostate

15 Cypress + 15 Mister

Roll on bottom of feet

Healthy libido

15 Idaho Blue Spruce + 15 Shutran

Roll on inner thighs


10 Peppermint + 10 Lemon + 10 Black Pepper

Roll on brainstem, wrists, and inhale

Smooth skin

15 Frankincense + 15 Tsuga

Roll all over face


Other recipes

Beard oil

Jojoba oil

15 drops Rosemary

15 drops Cedarwood

15 drops Frankincense

In a 2 oz. dropper bottle, drop the essential oils, fill with jojoba oil, and shake. Rub a few drops into your beard daily to stimulate growth and for hair health. 

Muscle rub

1 cup coconut oil

15 drops Panaway

15 drops Peppermint

15 drops Copaiba

Mix all ingredients together in a container. Apply to sore muscles as needed.

Stinky odor spray

10 drops Northern Lights Black Spruce

10 drops Pine

10 drops Tsuga

Witch Hazel

Mix all ingredients together in a 4 oz. spray bottle. Shake and spray! Use as an air freshener for your car, home, shoes, sports bags, or anywhere else needed.

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