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Yes, you read that right! Essential oils are not just for humans, they can be very beneficial to your furry friends, too!


Let's chat about safety, what to use, and how to use them!


Is it safe to use oils on my pets?

A few articles have been circulating here and there saying things like "Essential oils are toxic to cats!" and "Essential oils may make your pet sick!" So what's the deal? Are they safe? Are they not?

First, I want to say that Young Living has an entire board called the Veterinary Advisory Counsel. Their job within Young Living is specifically to provide insight and research into using essential oils and other natural wellness products on your pets. This board is highly experienced and educated, and they've been working with Young Living for a long time to ensure proper safety and education with usage on pets! I am so grateful that we have them! 

Second, I want to say that essential oils have been used on humans and animals since the beginning of time, and these articles didn't start popping up until recently when lots of imitators started jumping on the essential oil train. Why is this? Well friends, here's some food for thought. Young Living makes the purest of pure essential oils. The only thing in our bottles is PLANTS. That's it. Nothing harmful. Nothing synthetic. With all of these companies trying to produce cheap essential oils to make a quick dollar, they are making what I call "chemical oils." Basically, a liquid candle. If I take a bottle of chemicals and put it in a diffuser to break up into millions of tiny particles and be dispersed into the air in my home, and my pet inhales it, it gets on it's fur, or they lick a surface with that on it, do you think it will make them sick? Absolutely. It's all about using a GOOD quality, REAL essential oil. Not a chemical oil. 

Now, with all of that being said, there are some safety precautions to take, just like with anything! Animals do metabolize things differently than humans, so you simply want to make sure that when using oils on your pet, you are diluting them very heavily (just like for a baby!) You can see the dilution chart under the 'Essential oils and children" tab!

Next, you want to make sure that when diffusing, your pet has an escape route where they can get at least 4 feet away from the diffuser if they wish. Animals are very sensitive and they will walk away from something that is bothering them. Make sure that you aren't locking them in with the diffuser in an enclosed space, just so that they can leave if they wish!

Lastly, every single person and animal is different. If you notice that you used an oil on your pet and they didn't respond well to it, discontinue use! Just as you would for yourself, or your child!


Animal Scents 

Young Living actually has an entire line of oils formulated just for pets! You can use regular oils on and around them as well, but these were formulated just for them! 


Cleanses skin irritations

Infect Away

Keeps minor wounds clean and free from issues 


Soothes tummy troubles


Soothes and moisturizes distressed skin


Keeps your pet calm, cool, and collected in times of stress. Use it during thunderstorms, when they have to ride in the car, or other uncomfortable situations for them. 

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