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Can essential oils support a restful sleep?

Sleep is one of the most important things for our bodies to get. Whether you're a child or an adult, your body needs a full night's rest to stay healthy!


Did you know that your sense of smell is the only sense that you have that is directly connected to your brain? This makes essential oils (aromatherapy!) a great support for things like getting restful sleep. When you inhale oils, the molecules go straight to your limbic system and work their magic!

There are so many different options for essential oils when it comes to getting a restful night! Some of them, like Cedarwood, stimulate your brain to make natural melatonin. Others, like Vetiver, sedate your nervous system if you just can't calm down. Then there's Lavender, which is great for a general calming of your body and mind. So many options!

You can find some of my personal favorite rest oils, as well as favorite diffuser and roller recipes below! Remember that everyone's body is different, and these are just guidelines. Don't be afraid to mix and match and find what works for you!


Favorite rest oils


Stress Away


Peace & Calming







Roman Chamomile

Northern Lights Black Spruce

KidScents Sleepyize

Seedlings Calm


Diffuser recipes

2 Lavender + 2 Frankincense + 2 Stress Away

3 Cedarwood + 3 Vetiver

2 Valerian + 2 Lavender + 2 Roman Chamomile

3 Dreamcatcher + 3 Surrender

3 Northern Lights Black Spruce + 2 Lavender

3 Peace & Calming + 2 Lavender

You can also simply diffuse any of the sleepy oils listed above by themselves! Don't be afraid to mix, match, and find what works best for you!


Roller recipes

All of these recipes are for a 10ml roller bottle! Add the oils listed, fill the rest of the bottle with carrier oil, shake, and roll on the bottom of your feet and down your spine every night before bed!

10 Lavender + 10 Cedarwood + 10 Vetiver

10 Roman Chamomile + 10 Valerian + 10 Lavender

15 Dreamcatcher + 15 Lavender 

15 Valor + 15 Frankincense

Young Living also has some pre-made rollers for sleep that are amazing!

Rutavala roll-on

Tranquil roll-on

Peace & Calming roll-on


Other recipes

The nice thing about oils is that they are SO versatile! You can diffuse them, you can rub them on your skin, you can ingest some of them, or you can find other fun ways to use them! Here are some other ways that we use our sleepy oils!

Sleepy spray

In a 2 oz. bottle, put 15 drops of a sleepy oil of your choice, and then fill the rest with witch hazel or water. Shake and spray on your pillows and sheets before bed!

Sleepy bath

Add 2-3 drops of any sleepy oil to 1 cup of Epsom salts, and add to a warm bath in the evening!

Sleepy cream

Mix 10 drops of any sleepy oil into 1/2 cup of solid coconut oil. Use it as a before bed lotion!

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