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Did you know that the average woman has a hormonal imbalance? Between pregnancy, childbirth, endocrine disrupting products that are being used by most on the daily,  synthetic hormone consumption through foods, and just aging in general,, it's actually an extremely common issue. Most of us just don't realize it!

What does a hormonal imbalance look like? It can show up in lots of different ways! Some of the more common ones are (get ready to raise your hand a whole lot) struggling to lose weight, acne, hair loss or excessive hair growth, depression or anxiety, mood swings, heavy menstruation or severe menstruation symptoms, fatigue, night sweats, low libido, thyroid issues... the list goes on and on!

Below are some of my favorite oils and recipes to keep my health in check as a women! From balancing things out and supporting healthy hormones, to helping me feel good!

"There's an oil for that!"



Let's talk about oils to get things back in check!

Whichever one you choose, commit to using it daily to get things back in balance!


+ Put 1 drop in your water, Ningxia, or a capsule

+ Rub 1 drop topically on your inner ankles

Progressence Plus

+ Rub 1 drop topically on your forearms

Dragon Time

+ Rub 1 drop topically over your uterus

Lady Sclareol

+ Rub 1 drop topically on your inner ankles

Ylang Ylang

+ Rub 1 drop topically on your face (it's great for skin, too!)


Roller recipes

All of these recipes are for a 10ml roller bottle! Add the oils listed, fill the rest of the bottle with carrier oil, shake, and roll the oil where it says under the recipe!


15 Sclaressence + 15 Ylang Ylang

Roll on inner ankles

Weight loss

10 Peppermint + 10 Lemon + 10 Grapefruit

Roll on stomach


15 Joy + 15 Orange

Roll on brainstem and wrists

Mellow Mix

10 Lavender + 10 Stress Away + 10 Valor

+ 10 Patchouli + 10 Vetiver

Roll on brainstem and wrists

Mood swings away

10 Harmony + 10 Stress Away 

+ 10 Dragon Time + 10 Joy

Roll on brainstem and wrists

Slow the flow

30 Clary Sage

Roll over uterus

Cramps be gone

15 Dragon Time + 10 Panaway + 10 Copaiba

Roll over uterus

Thyroid helper

30 Endoflex

Roll over thyroid

Healthy libido

15 Sensation + 15 Lady Sclareol + 5 Orange

Roll on inner thighs


15 Peppermint + 15 Lemon

Roll on brainstem, wrists, and inhale

Night sweats away

15 Peppermint + 15 Progressence Plus

Roll on back of neck and forearms before bed

Smooth skin

15 Frankincense + 15 Geranium

Roll all over face and on stretch marks

Spot treatment

15 Purification + 15 Tea Tree

Roll on as spot treatment


Other recipes

Cellulite cream

1 cup Coconut Oil

10 drops Grapefruit

10 drops Lemon

10 drops Peppermint

Whip together and store in a glass container! Rub on cellulite as needed! Young Living also has a pre-made massage oil called Cell=Lite Magic oil!

Lucy Libido lube

2 tsp Aloe Vera

2 tsp Water

1/2 tsp Glycerin

1/2 tsp Vitamin E

5 drops Sensation or Excite

Mix in a pump top bottle and use as you would conventional lube!

Hair growth spray

10 drops Rosemary

10 drops Cedarwood

10 drops Lavender

Witch Hazel

Mix all ingredients together in a 4 oz. spray bottle. Shake and spray on wet hair after showering!

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