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What are essential oils?

Essential oils are the blood of the plant! They repair the plant when it gets damaged, regenerate the plant's cells, keep it healthy, and provide nutrients to the plant. That should give you a little hint into what they do for us!


What do essential oils do?

Our first medicine, long before modern medicine was ever even thought of, was plants, herbs, and OILS.


Oils were our first medicine. They are extracted from all different plants in nature and all have a different purpose for helping keep us healthy and resolving issues that we may be suffering from! Things like sleep, sickness, anxiousness, skin issues, tummy aches, energy, aches - I could keep going on, and on, and on!


Just know that the saying "there's an oil for that" is true!


How do you use oils?

Topically - on your skin

Aromatically - in a diffuser

Internally - in food, drink, or capsule


Does brand matter?

More than anything!

When I'm buying a product to help my health, I don't want to go buy some cheap, synthetic version of that item that's going to harm my health further. 

Essential oils are a popular thing these days, friends. The message is spreading that they WORK. Unfortunately, the part that people are missing is that REAL, PURE oils work. 

Essential oils are not regulated so that means that any company can jump on the bandwagon, buy some cheap, chemically grown plants or synthetic oil, bottle them, slap a nice big "100% pure" sticker on the front, and then you see it while scrolling Amazon and say "Wow! Lavender for only $6?! I'm buying!" 

Nope. Please. Just, no. 

If you know me, you know that I am a BIG researcher and I only use the best of the best on my family. That's what Young Living is, and that's why they are the only essential oils that I will use on my family!

I've been to Young Living farms and I've seen the process in person several times. I've interviewed other companies. I've done the research. Through all of that, I've found no other company that even comes close to the purity of Young Living. It's completely unmatched.

Where do I start?

We make this SUPER easy for you with what we call "The Starter Kit!"

It has everything that you need to dive in! The 12 most common used oils, a free diffuser, some samples of other Young Living products like Thieves hand sanitizer, Thieves spray, Ningxia Red, 2 roller tops, and a forever wholesaled discount so that when you want more oils you can get them at the cheapest price!

You also get access to our Essentially Education community, which includes all of the resources, classes, and oily friends to help you along your journey that you could ever need!


What do those oils in the kit do?


+ Diffuse it for a mood and energy boost.

+ Use it to remove crayon, marker, and other stains.

+ Put a drop in your water for a gentle detox.



+ Diffuse it to calm hyperactive children.

+ Rub it on restless legs to calm.

+ Put a few drops in some epsom salt for a relaxing bath.



+ Diffuse it for a good night's sleep.

+ Put it in a roller with Lemon and Peppermint to relieve seasonal change issues.

+ Use it topically on dry, red, or chapped skin. 



+ Rub a drop on your tummy to relieve tummy issues.

+ Rub a drop topically on your chest to relieve that "acid burning" feeling after you eat spicy foods. 

+ Put a drop in your water to support your digestive system. 



+ Diffuse it for respiratory support.

+ Rub 1 drop on your chest to open your sinuses and airways.

+ Inhale it before a workout for easier breathing. 



+ Rub it on sore, achy muscles and joints to relieve.

+ Put 10 drops in your shampoo to relieve scalp issues.

+ Make a post workout muscle rub with coconut oil and Panaway.



+ Diffuse it to calm overwhelmed and irritated feelings.

+ Use it topically once a day for mental health support.

+ Inhale it from your hands when you need to calm down.



+ Diffuse it for an energy boost in the morning. 

+ Put a drop in your water to curb cravings.

+ Rub a drop on your head to relieve head tension.



+ Diffuse it to create a calm, stress free atmosphere.

+ Rub it on the back of your neck to release feelings of anger and stress.

+ Rub it over your heart to support healthy blood pressure levels. 



+ Diffuse it for a good night's sleep.

+ Rub it on your face for clear, healthy, glowing skin.

+ Rub it on stretch marks, scars, and wrinkles to diminish.



+ Diffuse it for a fresh, clean scent.

+ Drop it in places like trash cans, sports bags, or shoes to eliminate odors.

+ Put a drop in your water to encourage weight loss.



+ Diffuse it to purify the air.

+ Use it topically everyday to keep the cooties away.

+ Put a drop in your tea or coffee every morning to keep your immune system boosted and in fight mode.


Ready to get started?

Let your friend who directed you here know that you are ready to dive in, and they will get you all set up, friend!

We're so excited to welcome you to our community!

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