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Heather Gilbert

Executive Leader

Hey! My name is Heather Gilbert and I'm a future RCD! First and foremost, I am a stay at home mom of two beautiful girls, Chloey and Jordyn. I also have a loving fiance, who can be like a kid himself at times!


Besides playing around with my oils, I love baking and cooking... seriously, I could spend all day in the kitchen, especially with my Instant Pot!

My favorite parts of the day are spent with my girls - playing, dancing, singing, and just being silly!


I'll also let you know that I'm a Spring and Summer girl! That's when we spend most of our time outside doing something... walking, going to the park, playing games, cooking out, etc.


When I started using Young Living, my health isn't the only thing that changed for the better. I started living life with a positive attitude and making the best out of every situation... Honestly, before Young Living that felt impossible! Daily life was a STRUGGLE! Young Living gave my family and I our lives back when we got our kit...True story!


I couldn't believe how oils gave us immune support, emotional support (especially my PTSD), skin support, and tummy support. Not to mention, I stopped suffering from daily head tension and back issues. I could never say how grateful and thankful I am to Young Living for all of the products that have changed our lives!

Now, I even get to work from home and help people for a living, which has always been a dream of mine!

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