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Jenna Bisschop

Executive Leader

Hi! My name’s Jenna! You may have seen one of my live videos, and if not, come check one out (link below)! 


I grew up 10 hours North. My Grandma passed on more than just her native blood to me. My Grandma was the most loving, generous, hospitable, and caring person. She was my hero. If she saw a need, she met it without hesitation. It didn’t matter if you were family, a friend, far off acquintance or stranger. Her love for people was deep and genuine. 


When she went to be in a better place, she left a part of herself with me. Just as her hospitable gene passed to my mom, it made its way to me. I used to ask my husband if we should move to a smaller town. There were too many people here. I couldn’t possibly be able to love them all in a deep sort of way I wanted to. After much thought and prayer we decided to plant our family roots in Langley BC. 


I am a Skin Care Therapist by trade. My husband and I have three kids and two international students. We are a pretty busy house! One of my good friends introduced Young Living this year during the pandemic. I was already into healthy, natural remedies, gifting, and encouraging people! I was a little nervous but mostly excited to have found an outlet to be able to do all these things and in a more consistent, organized sort of way alongside a community of others! 


I feel so incredibly blessed that people from all over have felt comfortable to reach out to me with their struggles and things they’d like help improving. Simply being in the oil business has opened up so many relationships we wouldn’t have had otherwise! 


Young Living essential oils have truly blessed our family from sleep, anxiety, over active children, immunity, mental clarity, energy, sore muscles, headaches/migraines, and so much more! The products are truly incredible, and a gift from nature that we are so excited to share about! And the cleaners & other household products are safe, effective, even university tested! We couldn’t be more passionate and can’t wait to share them all with you! A portion of what we bring in goes back out in gifts to those around us either in giveaways on my Facebook page (link below) or behind the scenes continually finding needs to reach. 


Thank You so much for taking the time to read my story. If you would like to come and meet us, you can find us  at...


Thanks again! We are so grateful for our community! 

Hope to get the opportunity to meet you soon! 


Jenna Bisschop (& Family) 

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