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Krystie Lafore

Gold Leader

Hi! I’m Krystie! My husband and I, Mike, live with our 3 kiddos, Skylar and our twins, Hudson + Harper, right outside of Lancaster, PA. Most often you’ll find us either at home spending time ( aka causing chaos ) or exploring the outdoors together, we love a great local trail for the kid’s to run free.


When Skylar was born, in 2015, I became a stay at home mom and it was the best decision! I absolutely love it. Then when our twins were born, in 2017, it was definitely a lot, especially on me, and we decided to explore living more naturally, finding a way to support our emotions, health, sleep, and everything in between. That is when we were introduced to Young Living, and our lives were turned upside down, for the absolute best!


We have now been using our oils for several years, since 2017, and have completely tossed all of the chemical products we thought were doing good for products that are actually safe and are working to help keep us healthy and in control of our wellness. My favorite saying is we chose to invest in our wellness now instead of paying for our illness later.


When we grabbed our kit and started feeling better, sleeping better and so much more I felt a tug in my heart to share with all the people because it was changing our lives and I knew it could change others! I couldn’t feel more blessed because myself and our amazing oil family are growing every single day. We are educating and empowering others to live naturally and along the way showing you can also have financial freedom if you choose, how freaking cool is that?!


I absolutely love that I can be a stay at home mom, homeschool my kiddos, build a family of friends, and do something I absolutely love, helping others live their best life. It’s truly been an incredible journey so far, I can’t wait to continue it with you!

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