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Kyle Mawhinney


Hello! My name is Kyle! I am an outdoor enthusiast that can be found hiking, fishing, playing sports or walking my Golden Retriever named Hanna (a.k.a Han) any day of the week! I am a born and raised Pennsylvanian and Penn State Alumni (WE ARE!) with a degree in Accounting. I am a music lover to my core and appreciate all genres from any decade. I enjoy finding new artists/songs and creating playlists for friends and family. Some of my other interests are working out, reading, and watching movies.


My Young Living journey started in January of 2021. I was looking for a shampoo & conditioner that wouldn’t leave my hair dry and scalp irritated. I was introduced to the Young Living shampoo & conditioner, and was blown away by how well they worked! After the success I saw from those two products I decided to see what else Young Living could provide for not only me, but my family. My mother suffered badly from asthma and my father, who works swing shift, had trouble falling asleep, yet alone staying asleep. Between going through expensive inhalers for my mom, and trying everything from sound machines to blackout curtains for my dad, we were open to any possible solution. Thankfully, Young Living has been able to help us in a clean and natural way!


I am beyond grateful that I was introduced to Young Living! My family and I truly care about our health, as well as the planet and we know that Young Living does too! 

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