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Lauren Cattie

Platinum Leader

Hi! I'm Lauren! I'm an essential oil loving, healthy living obsessed, homeschooling Momma! I live in a small town right outside of Lancaster, PA with my husband, Matthew, and our four children, Jacob, Matthew, Owen, and Anna. I love being a Mom, nature, anything Disney, meditation, reggae music, crystals, home birth (I'm basically like, a home birth enthusiast. Lol!) and the beach! Hobbies that I'm slightly obsessed with include gardening, photography, cooking, and I love a good workout or yoga session! I'm suuuper passionate about health, wellness, living chemical free, and using nature to support our bodies! 

We are Platinum leaders with Young Living, and founded the Essentially Education community in 2017! We truly find SO much passion and purpose in what we do and feel SO blessed every single day by what and who we are surrounded by! Our community is the best and we are so lucky! 


We started using Young Living back in 2016 and we were instantly hooked! Our kids were finally sleeping, we weren't coming down with something once per month anymore, we were supporting issues that we were having like anxiousness, aches, seasonal change issues, and lots of other things with nature, instead of having to use things with a list of a million side effects. We were swapping out the chemicals in our home for safe, healthy options, and seeing huuuuge changes from that! Obviously we couldn't shut up about it, and before we knew it our sharing spread from just our family, to now nearly 1,500 families using oils and making healthier choices for their family! 

Not only do we get to educate all about essential oils and healthier living, but we also get to teach others to share and educate, and we get to help lead them and their families to financial freedom! Encouraging and empowering others to take control of their health and their life in more ways than one is truly what we live for! 

We are so excited to welcome you into our community, friend! Don't hesitate to ask any questions!

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