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Liz Tarmey


Hi! I’m Liz, a nature loving, natural living, homeschooling mom from New England! I live in Maine with my husband and our two toddlers, and we all do our part to keep our bodies and Earth healthy and thriving. I love anything holistic living, anything homesteading, and hope to someday live fully off grid and sustainable! And since you’re here, you obviously know I love using essential oils as part of our wellness and much more! I love to sing, dance, and create, my husband is a gymnast and loves to sing, dance, and do anything that give him an adrenaline rush, and our children are already tiny singers, dancers, and thrill seekers! 


I am a stay at home mom, but at heart I’m a health educator- with Bachelor of Science in Community Health Education with 3 minors, including Nutrition and Environmental Studies. Being a stay at home mom with a background in health education and student loans to pay, it seemed serendipitous to start a business educating friends about Young Living Oils! I’m so glad that I took that leap in early 2020 because this business has blessed our family with being healthier, finding new friends, and more money to help support our family during these challenging times. 


So here we are, I’m glad you’re starting or continuing your journey towards a healthy lifestyle! I’m here for you always, with anything oily, healthy food, natural lifestyle, health-anything!


 I’m here for you, Friend! 

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