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Morgan Decaro

Senior Star

Hey everyone! My name is Morgan, and I live in Chester County with my daughter Maya + my son Karson. Our Guardian angel, Brian, watches over us daily (my fiancé + kids daddy). I work part time at a Physical Therapy office and I love it! As a family, we love the beach, going for walks, or just being at home together - watching a movie or just hanging out! I am very passionate about wellness + living a non-toxic, chemical free lifestyle! 

After losing my Brian back in January of 2020, I was depressed, stressed, anxious, + basically done with life. I wasn’t able to be fully present for my kiddos and was thrown back into work way too early on. I had to support myself some way. I knew that I did not want to get on medications because they made me feel like a zombie. I decided to change my life and start my essential oil journey, and I am so glad that i did! I have supported my emotions, processed and released emotions, and grounded myself. I am doing much better - way better than I thought! Not only are my emotions supported but the kids, too! Of course, they are struggling as well, but I have the tools (essential oils) to support the tough feelings.

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