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What is Ningxia?

Ningxia is a liquid, whole-food, delicious super high antioxidant drink that's basically the best thing that you can put into your body! Once you know and understand what Ningxia does for your body, and then feel the difference, I promise you won't ever not drink it again. It's made with wolf berries (AKA goji berries) which are considered a super food and grown in only one region of China! I always tell people that if you're going to pick just ONE supplement to take daily... it should absolutely be Ningxia!

Why should I take Ningxia daily?

Ningxia does SO many things, but why is it such an incredible health powerhouse for your body that we need daily? Two words: FREE RADICALS. Free radicals are unstable molecules that accumulate in our body just from living. They are produced by processed food, toxins (which we can't avoid in life, but most people are using them all day, everyday.) Free radicals break down our cells, cause inflammation in our body, along with cancer, heart disease, and other illnesses. They are essentially responsible for an unhealthy body and living below the wellness line. Now, here's the amazing part: Ningxia kills free radicals! The things that cause our bodies to break down, age, and not function properly - Ningxia kills those! How cool is that?! It really is the ultimate health drink, and I am beyond grateful to have it for my whole family!

Other reasons to take it daily? It's a macro-nutrient supplement, meaning that it's the whole food that your body needs! In fact, just ONE ounce of Ningxia Red is equivalent to 100 oranges, 22 medium carrots, 11 pounds of spinach, 59 broccoli florets, 73 strawberries, or 93 apples! It's also a liquid supplement, and our bodies absorb liquids SO much faster because they dont have to break them down. 


What other benefits does Ningxia have?

+ Extremely high ORAC value 

+ Improved memory function

+ Immune system support

+ Increased energy and stamina

+ Healthy cholesterol support

+ Healthy blood sugar level support

+ Combat premature aging (thanks to those high ORAC levels!)

+ Improved digestion and bowel regularity

+ Improved eye function

+ Improved sleep

+ Cardiovascular health support

+ Supports and encourages the bodies natural detoxification process

+ Cell and organ cleanliness and proper function


What Ningxia products are available?



Comes in bottles or packets.. 

+ Tastes like berry juice. 

+ Liquid Ningxia supplement. 


Energy drink and soda alternative

+ 35 calories per can.

+ Infused with 35mg of natural caffeine and energy boosting essential oils. 



All natural energy shot. 

+ Supports cognitive and physical fitness. 

+ Comes in a mini tube for convenience. 

Young Living also carries several wolfberry snacks, which is the main ingredient in Ningxia, such as organic dried wolfberries, wolfberry crisp bars, and wolfberry truffle chocolate!

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