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What's included:

+ An already established organic sourdough starter in a half pint glass jar with a lid (Please choose if you'd like einkorn* or traditional*)
+ A piece of cheesecloth

+ A rubberband

+ A sourdough e-book which includes care instructions, storage instructions, how to feed, as well as recipes such as bread, pancakes, pretzels, crackers, bagels, and more! (You will recieve the e-book within 24 hours of purchase to your email!)


* Einkorn is a grain that is more tolerable for gluten sensitive people. It only contains 14 chromosomes, to where modern day wheat contains 42 chromosomes that the body has to break down. I personally prefer einkorn and tolerate it well as a gluten senstive person!
* The traditional sourdough starter contains organic King Arthur all purpose flour, and organic King Arthur whole wheat flour. 

Sourdough bundle

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