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Sherry Barbou


Hello! My name is Sherry. I have a wonderful husband, Laurent, a sensitive son, Chris, a happy go lucky daughter, Kaylie, and a beautiful stepdaughter, Claire. My husband works crazy hours, so we enjoy every second of our family time as often as we can! We enjoy taking the kids out for hikes at the local park, walking on the beach, and walking to the beautiful park at the harbor. Because our family time is so limited, we really try to make it count! I love DIY projects and am always looking to try a new one. 


I have enjoyed more natural products, such as making my own lotion, for years. I was never a believer in oils until I came across Young Living and realized that it’s not oils, it’s using the RIGHT oils that makes all the difference. I started using Young Living because I was seeking allergy relief for my son, but soon found that I could help my daughter's skin, as well as lift moods on cranky days! I then discovered the wonder of Thieves! 


Each month, I try a new product and I’m never disappointed. I am confident in using these products with the Seed to Seal promise, knowing that I’m only giving the best to my family. 

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